Our Story

Where Heart Meets Hand in the Art of Leather

At Maverick Made., we don’t just create leather goods; we forge lasting legacies. Our story is one of passion intertwining with craftsmanship to deliver not just products, but pieces of art. These creations resonate deeply with those who hold authenticity, ethical sourcing, and enduring quality in high regard.

The Spark of Our Creation

It all started not as a business, but as a burning passion to craft something extraordinary. Our first masterpiece? A bespoke motorcycle tank strap for a Triumph Bonneville, born from nothing but the finest leather we could lay our hands on. This wasn’t just a product; it was a testament to our dedication, marking the beginning of our journey to create unparalleled everyday carry items for those who appreciate the unique touch of handcrafted excellence.

Our Pledge to the Planet

In every stitch and every cut, Maverick Made. stands as a beacon of ethical and environmental responsibility. Spearheaded by a solitary craftsman with a vision, our approach is deeply rooted in respect for nature and all its creatures. We meticulously source our materials, ensuring they’re by-products of other industries, and collaborate exclusively with suppliers and tanneries committed to sustainable practices. Our promise is simple: no life is taken for the sake of luxury, and every step we take is a step towards minimizing our environmental footprint.

Meet Shaun, the Heart of Maverick Made.

I’m Shaun, the founder and the hands behind every piece you see. My foray into the world of leathercraft began as a refuge during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore. Amidst global uncertainty, I found solace in the solitary art of leatherworking. Riding through literal and metaphorical storms, I transformed a dream into a tangible reality. October 2020 marked the moment I fully embraced my destiny, dedicating my life to the mastery of creating exquisite leather goods.

A Community Woven into Our Fabric

Maverick Made.’s journey is not just our story; it’s a narrative we share with our friends and patrons. Their unwavering support has been our cornerstone, believing in our vision from the very first day. Now, we extend this invitation to you: come, experience the essence of Maverick Made. Feel the passion, the dedication, and the unrivaled quality that converge in each of our creations. Join us in celebrating a legacy where every item is not just a product, but a chapter in a story of craftsmanship, authenticity, and timeless elegance.