Our Story

Maverick Made. was born out of a passion project to create an affordable motorcycle tank strap for a Triumph Bonneville T100, with the best possible leather we could afford.

That one project took many little practice projects, which ignited a burning passion to create meaningful, unique, and thoughtful everyday carry items for discerning individuals who care about handcrafted quality, ethically sourced materials, and exceptional wear for years to come.

Respecting The Resource

As a single craftsman running Maverick Made., I am aware of the stressing nature of the material on our environment and animals.

No material is perfect, but I make efforts to ensure that all my leathers are by-products of the meat industry, off-cut exotics from suppliers, sourced from reputable tanneries that have certified waste disposal and recycling management systems in place by LWG, and are of the highest quality to last as long as you need it to.

No animal is killed solely for its skin, and efforts are made to reduce negative environmental impact, from the source, to you.

This Is Us

I am Shaun, the craftsman and founder of Maverick Made.. I was a full-time food delivery rider when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in Singapore. 2020 was supposed to be the year I got "a proper job", only working deliveries solely as a means of decent income between jobs.

Working tirelessly throughout the pandemic made me realise 2 things - I love working alone, and my life is not worth risking for faceless conglomerates. The latter, I realised after a couple of minor accidents and many inefficient algorithmic changes that extended my working hours, whilst earning less.

After the 2020 lockdowns, I saved and bought a Triumph Bonneville T100, which was what essentially started my leathercrafting journey to make accessories for it.

I am now a full time craftsman since October 2020, chasing my dreams to have my own retail studio that provides high quality leather goods, supplies and workshops. I owe my thanks to all my friends and customers who have believed in the work I do from Day 1.