Character Is Built

We take pride in not only our craft, but in the materials we choose.

Maverick Made. uses only the best full-grain vegetable tanned leathers that will develop a unique, user-defined patina over time.

Minimalist Cardholders

Small leather goods for the discerning minimalist. Made with the best full-grain... 

No Hiding About Our Hides

At Maverick Made., two core values stand above all - Quality and Responsibility.

Our leathers are consciously chosen from reputable tanneries from Japan and Italy, audited and certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG), dedicated to pushing for the best environmental practices throughout the supply chain.

These protocols include rawhide traceability, water recycling and waste management systems to minimise environmental impact.

All our cowhide leathers are by-product of the meat industry, and any exotics used are sourced from supplier scraps. No animal is bred and killed solely for its skin here.

Tooled Products

Tooled Collection

For the modern day cowboy. Injecting 1900's vibes into every day carry...