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Maverick Made.

All Natural Leather Balm

All Natural Leather Balm

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Here at Maverick Made., we love our leather goods, but we love our planet Earth and all it's inhabitants too. The general consensus when it comes to leather care is to use mink or neatsfoot oil to care for your leather. We're here to say NO.

We've designed and formulated an all natural leather care balm to help nourish, revitalise and protect your precious leather goods so it's nice and healthy, inside and out. All without the use of dead minks or crushed bones.

No secret ingredients here, just pure organic safflower oil, cosmetic-grade cocoa butter and unrefined food-grade beeswax! No nasty stuff here. We know, because we made it.

Disclaimer: Not to be used on nubuck, suede, chrome tan or faux leather. Balm will also temporarily darken leather - this is normal.

*Not tested for the health and safety on humans or animals.


Unrefined food-grade beeswax
Cosmetic-grade cocoa butter
Pure organic safflower oil

Storage instructions

Store in a cool, dark place away from heat sources.


- Clean leather with a slightly damp cloth to remove as much dirt and other particles as possible.

- Once surface has dried, spread a small amount of Maverick Made.'s Leather Balm thinly with 2 or 3 fingers, or the corner of a soft rag.

- Rub vigoriously in small, circular motions. A little bit of heat helps melt and spread the balm more evenly.

- Allow layer of balm to sit for 5-10 minutes for absorption.

- Buff off excess with a clean cloth in small, circular motion.

- Sit in awe of your freshly renewed leather goods.

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Choosing kindness.

Bovine leather is generally a by-product of the meat industry. No sense in rearing a cow just for it's skin.

Mink oil, a common leather conditioner, often comes from farmed minks. That's why we chose to make ours the way we want to.

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