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The Dewberry

The Dewberry

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Discover The Dewberry, where the heart is premium Japanese vegetable-tanned leather, telling the unique story of your wallet's journey through its rich patina - a one-of-a-kind companion reflecting your adventures.

Designed with you in mind, practicality takes center stage with three card slots for easy organization. The large zipper pouch secures coins, banishing worries of clutter and with ample space for half-folded notes (especially outside the US) without sacrificing its slim profile.

Compact and versatile, The Dewberry comfortably fits back pockets and small bags, ready to be your ideal companion on any occasion.


Italian and/or Japanese vegetable tanned leather
Tanned with natural oils and tannins of plant-based origin.

Unadulterated full grain
Some parts of the leather may have scarring, bite marks from insects or wrinkles.

This is completely natural during the course of the animal's life, and should not be considered as defective. Consider them as an untold story of the animal's life.


123mm x 91mm
4.8" x 3.5"

Due to the handcrafted nature of the product and material properties, please allow slight variances in measurements.

Care information

The best care is non-neglect! Keep using it - the oils from your hands or body will constantly nourish the leather, keeping it from moulding or drying out.

Keep away from extremely wet or hot places. If you do get your product soaked, remove all items from it and dry it in a well ventilated area, away from direct sun to prevent sun-tanning or drying out the natural oils within the leather. In front of a fan, by a window, overnight is fine.

This product is also really good for nourishing your veg-tan leather goods. Every 2-3 months is great, 6 months if you're busy, yearly at minimum if you want it to last.


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